Before Squad Goals there were Doll Goals. I was lucky enough to receive a few American Girl Dolls as Christmas or birthday presents back in the early 90s, although I think I saved up for Josefina. Pretty sure my parents were Team AG>Barbie because the dolls encouraged a love of reading, history, and independence🙌. Thanks @billdawson & @lynndawson
  1. Felicity Merriman
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    Era: Revolutionary War | Current Status: archived 😭 Felicity was the second AG Doll I received, I adored her. She is high spirited and brave, and saved a horse name Penny. I was obsessed with horses so this quickly made her no.1 in my eyes. We used to go on long vacations to Colonial Williamsburg (#nerdfamily) and she came along; we got matching hats one year. I played with her the longest I think. See more here: SOME BADASS WOMEN IN LITERARY HISTORY📚
  2. Samantha Parkington
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    Era: Late Victorian | Current Status: Archived 😭 Samantha was my third AG and the one whose house I was most jealous of (she spent her summers by the water painting bc Samantha grew up Privileged AF and when I was young, I didn't always appreciate my own privilege). She is curious and defiant. I also related to her inner turmoil between being a lady and a "tomboy" and I spent a lot of days climbing trees with her, just like she does in the books.
  3. Josefina Montoya
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    Era: Mexican Independence | Current Status: Not Archived😄 Josefina was the last doll I got before I outgrew them, and I remember my Mom used her as a prop for Spanish lessons. She is patient and observant but a little insecure (her Mom passed away when she was young). Her clothes were the most colorful and I was gentlest with her because of the Mom situation.
  4. Kirsten Larson
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    Era: Pioneer | Current Status: archived 😭 Kirsten was my AG Doll gateway drug and she'll always hold a special place in my heart. She's an empathetic day dreamer, but is disciplined, and brave (ok, all AGs share this last characteristic so take it as a given). My parents used Kirsten to teach me about immigration (Kirsten was born in Sweden). I took her braids out and my Mom was devastated and we couldn't ever get them to look the same. Now they have doll salons for those issues...😑.