Yesterday a friend took me to see some of Atlanta's best murals, and I got to see the city through an unexpected but beautiful lens. The sense of community and collaboration is palpable on many of these streets. Tagged with artists' [@] Instagram handles when I could find them.
  1. By [@]incarceratedjerkface
  2. By [@]sanithna
  3. By [@]lunarnewyear
    This beautiful tribute is in honor of Laura Patricia Calle who was programming Dorector for Living Walls and immersed in the Atlanta art and community scene.
  4. By [@]peterferrariart
  5. By [@]joekingatl
  6. By SEVER
  7. By [@]laurenpallotta
  8. By [@]lelabrunetart
  9. By Travis Smith and [@]mollyrosefreeman
  10. By [@]risingredlotus
  11. By [@]futureancestors
    This may have been a collab with other artists but I'm not knowledgable enough on ATL street art to know for sure.
  12. By [@]darthskiewalker1
  13. Not idea who did this but Underdog FOREVER
  14. By [@]blackcattips
  15. Collaboration between [@]gregmike and [@]whoiscoreydavis
  16. By [@]blackcattips
  17. By [@]pressstartobegin
    This one made me lol
  18. By [@]grafilthy_art
  19. By [@]blackcattips
  20. By [@]darthskiewalker1
  21. Collaboration between [@]sanithna and [@]peterferrariart
  22. By [@]tiltandfade
  23. By PACO
  24. Chomp chomp
  25. #cabbagetown