One of my favorite things about The List App is how it introduces me to new things, and new people. This is a list dedicated to one of those people.
  1. I've been following @boygirlparty for awhile, and always love her lists. Susie Ghahremani is a talented and creative artist—just look at her illustrations: THINGS I LOVE TO DRAW
  2. I don't remember what reminded me of her online shop—maybe a comment on a list—but when Thanksgiving rolled around, I knew I wanted to browse her store (shopping small and supporting an artist and List Apper? WIN-WIN). I ended up making a few small but perfect purchases.
    F78b0668 4dbb 4604 bfd7 f560f2bf4df6 is full of great products, some practical, some fun, all of them adorable and original.
  3. The package came perfectly wrapped and tied up with string
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    It was so cute I almost didn't want to open it.
  4. Susie wrote a LIST of the things I ordered and it was the first thing I saw when I opened it 😍
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  5. Cat onesie
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    What I got for my new baby cousin, who was born into the cat-lovers side of the family (I'll set her straight when she's older #teamdog)
  6. Bookish octopus notepad
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    What I got for @bookishclaire so she can stay organized in her THREE internships she starts in January.
  7. Elephant notepad
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    What I got for myself 🙊🙋
  8. Thanks Susie👋