Inspired by @bisexual
  1. Barbour
    I love the look, the quality, the story of this brand. I'll be passing down my coats and vests to my kids, probably–they really do stand the test of time.
  2. Crane & Co.
    Together we can make stationery mainstream again, one handwritten note at a time.
  3. Pilot
    The pens. Specifically, the G2 .38. Sharp and refined, and oh-so smooth.
  4. Dixon Ticonderoga
    Im totally serious when I say I think their wooden pencil is iconic; it's still my preferred pencil.
  5. Renewal Kombucha
    This place was founded just last year in Lititz, PA, and the Dawson family = best customers. I can't stop drinking it, and in fact brought some back to DC after the holidays. Tbh, future list on kombucha probably coming in the near future—you've been warned.
  6. Starbucks
    Ours is a deep and abiding love.
  7. Converse
    Everyone has a sneaker they can't live without, right? The one you purchase again and again every time you wear yours out. Mine's the Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip-on
  8. Wedgwood
    "Fine china: not just for newlyweds or the landed gentry!" Could be another title for my future memoir: IF I EVER WRITE A MEMOIR IT WILL PROBABLY BE CALLED