Comedies for Your Netflix Queue

Loosely inspired when @joemurphy asked for movie recs: What Movie Should I Watch?
  1. Man Up
    Hilarious. A softer but just-as-funny side of Simon Pegg, and Lake Bell is painfully awkward perfection
  2. The Decoy Bride
    Great writing brought to life by Kelly Macdonald and David Tennant who make magic and Alice Eve is also pretty great.
  3. The Fundamentals of Caring
    @quixotic your instincts are 💯, you won't regret watching it
  4. Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
    Frances McDormand, Lee Pace, Amy Adams–what a cast! You'll get lost in this movie.
  5. Welcome to Me
    Tragicomedy. You've never seen Kristen Wiig like this. 💯
  6. That Touch of Mink
    Classic, excellent, that's all that needs to be said really.
  7. The Benchwarmers
    Criminally under-viewed movie from the director of Happy Gilmore and Grown Ups (and also some kinda crappy films but ignore that because this movie is a gem).
  8. The Grand Seduction
    Maybe more of a family movie than comedy but it's feel good and cute and there's Taylor Kitsch, so...