@smallthings I just opened my present; and I read one of your lists and you said you thought this would be mediocre.
  1. In fact, it was extremely personal, which makes it extra special
    Your letter was lovely—both the message and your handwriting (my penmanship is horrific).
  2. Your Buckeye Stocking filled with lists was such a surprise
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    I'll treasure it always. As a Penn State alumnus, this means A LOT, SERIOUSLY.
  3. The list about why you like my name made ME like my name even more.
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    Attention writers of @list please feel free to use my name in future book titles, as Faryal suggested.
  4. I am going to make the muffins and Bomb Ass frosting from your recipe ASAP
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    FYI, I also love to use versions of the adjective "bomb" in a positive way. YOU are 💣
  5. I've only seen one movie on this list (Mona Lisa Smile) and yes it's underrated.
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    I'll work on watching the others.
  6. I've only read one book on this list of YA novels (The Spectacular Now) and I will look into the others
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    On the other side of the list, I've read Shit My Dad Says and have added the others to my to read list as well.
  7. Thank you for sharing the life advice you've received!
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    The nail one especially is 👌
  8. I, too, would like to learn many of the skills on this list
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  9. The list of shapes is cute
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  10. You must've read so many of my lists to be able to create this one, and I'm so touched by that!
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    We have some great things in common 👯
  11. I'm taping these positive affirmations your wrote for me up on my bedroom mirror. They're fantastic, and I will be using them.
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  12. My favorite list of all is the list of things about you. Thank you for sharing these things with me!
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  13. This Bahamas bracelet reminds me of sunny skies and blue seas
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  14. And finally...this pot you made! You said it commemorates the Air element, that symbolizes freedom, clarity, cleanliness, and thoughtfulness—all things I'll need this year! I'm bringing it to my office tomorrow.
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  15. Thank you so much Faryal, for sharing all of this with me, and taking the time to do so.
  16. And thank you, @ChrisK for organizing and overseeing the List App Secret Santa🎉🎄.