Driving to LA: a live(ish) list

  1. One of my favorite people (@sariyou 👇) is moving to California so I took most of this week off to drive out to LA with her.
    Side note: we get to LA Friday night 🤞and I fly out on the fourth. It's a long shot—it's a holiday weekend and everyone's probably busy, plus I don't even know what all our own plans are—but I'd love to see LA list friends if you're around!
  2. Drive 1: DC —> Roanoke, VA
    Technically drive 2 for Sarah, who drove down from PA to pick my butt up from work. My grin could not look cheesier/weirder but we're so excited for this crazy 4 day cross country drive.
  3. Day 2: Roanoke, VA —> Little Rock, AR
    Leaving an hour behind schedule 🤷‍♀️
  4. I've named tiny Elmo....Todd.
  5. #picturesoftextoncars
  6. I haven't eaten candy in weeks but Sarah packed some of my favorites for the trip: sour gummies, Swedish Fish, and yellow Starburst😍🙌🙋
  7. The largest bass pro shop ever?!
  8. Can now check "drive across Mississippi River" off my bucket list
    Ok, it wasn't really on my bucket list but it was pretty cool and I like checking things off
  9. Day 3: Little Rock —> Albuquerque, NM
    After taking down 800 miles like champs yesterday, we've decided to attempt nearly 900 miles today 🙌
  10. 👋
  11. It's Disney Movie Music Happy Hour here on I-40 West in Oklahoma and this playlist is 💥
  12. We're in New Mexico and still eating up miles! Texas was mainly haze and windmills, but God bless the high speed limits 🙌
  13. Texas was hazier than it looks in this picture and I felt like I was driving in a bubble with no end. But i have to say, the high speed limits were clutch
  14. New Mexico sunset FTW
  15. Had a perfect, delicious breakfast at Grove Market Cafe before getting on the road again
  16. New Mexico is stunning
  17. Car Snack Rating: 6/10. Good texture but the apple flavor isn't strong enough. Not loving the after taste.
  18. Hey AZ!
  19. Found you a cactus field @jeremysomething
  20. Day 4: Albuquerque, NM —> Phoenix, AZ: ✔️. 450 miles felt easy after the last two days
  21. Day 5: Phoenix, AZ —> San Diego, CA —> Los Angeles, CA: ✔️
    We made it here yesterday afternoon but I was the driver all day, and then we were immediately occupied once we arrived, so I couldn't live-list it.
  22. My Salt & Straw request was filled today, and it didn't disappoint🍦😍💯