I think these creatures are magical. Not generally feasible to see them in the wild, so here's where you can realistically find them.
  1. Seahorses
    Found out a coworker didn't think these were real—she thought they were made-up, like unicorns. I laughed, then realized I kinda get it 🦄
  2. Butterflies
    Vibrant and delicate.
  3. Blue Blubber Jelly
    I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.
  4. Puffins
    These guys are easier to see in the wild than most of the creatures on this list. In the UK, you can find them on Puffin Island, off the coast of Wales.
  5. Red Ruffled Lemur
    These things crack me up
  6. Giant Pandas
    And baby Bei Bei who is finally big enough to play outside! Luckily for me, just a neighborhood away.
  7. Giraffes
    Hard to wrap my head around how long their necks are 😋🙃
  8. African Elephants
    I l-o-v-e visiting the Asian elephants at the Smithsonian, but have heard amazing things about Cleveland's elephants and would love to see them too.
  9. Dumbo Octopus
    So tiny, so cute. Living somewhere in the Deep Blue Sea, so good luck finding one.
  10. For some fantastically weird creatures, see @rachhello's list: LEAST-FAVORITE ANIMALS