Surprising but amazing list request @TQ! THON is the world's largest student-run philanthropy (I listed about it here: BELIEVE BEYOND BOUNDARIES: 15 FACTS ABOUT PENN STATE'S DANCE MARATHON (THON)). Writing this list was a trip down memory lane.
  1. My Love is Your Love – Whitney Houston
    This is one of the songs that the DJ reserves for the last hour or so of THON, and it's equal parts fun and emotional. See here: BELIEVE BEYOND BOUNDARIES: 15 FACTS ABOUT PENN STATE'S DANCE MARATHON (THON)
  2. Love Story – Taylor Swift
    Most important group serenading song.
  3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
    Played at the end of Family Hour, where Four Diamonds families and kids share their stories. At this point, we were less dancing and more just holding eachother up for emotional and physical support.
  4. The line dance
    Every year brings a new line dance, and it's "performed" once every hour of THON—so 46 times. I knew 2010 and 2011 best.
  5. Forever – Chris Brown
    Our R&R Captain theme for THON 2010. Before we knew Chris Brown was a total ass.
  6. Levels – Avicii
    Really anything Avicii
  7. Firework – Katy Perry
  8. We Found Love - Rihanna
  9. Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger
    My committee in 2011 choreographed a dance to this song for a competition, and it was a blast. I was so proud of them and still think they should've won.
  10. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  11. When Love Takes Over – David Guetta
  12. Single Ladies - Beyoncé
    Performed this with my committee in 2009. Choreographed mainly by my future roommate and co-Captain Cody, who pulled off this dance in a halter dress and heels and killed it. Video on YouTube somewhere.