Thanks @JennyJLee. I love wine, but I'm *far* from being a pro—I just like what I like. I choose wine based on 1. The name—there are certain wineries/brands I know are reliable 2. I think the label is pretty or interesting 3. Price—tbh there are a lot of great wines for $10-$20 | Wine snobs: my descriptions may totally drive you nuts.
  1. La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay
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    White wine's not my preference, but sometimes it just hits the spot. This one is smooth and crisp. Around $20, and La Crema is one of those reliable labels—I've never had a wine of theirs I didn't like.
  2. King Family Vineyards Cabernet Franc
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    I have a wine club subscription to this Virginia winery and I love when I get my quarterly delivery of 6(!!) bottles. This is one of my favorites. It's a light red, not sweet, and easy to drink. $24
  3. Apaltagua Carmenere Rosé
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    I avoided rosé for years because I thought it would be sweet like White Zinfandel (which, 😖). This is my second favorite rosé, tbh I don't know the name of my first, a Malbec rosé from one of my favorite restaurants. This one is fruity and dry, refreshing. Around $12 (clearly chose for the label and price point the first time I had it)
  4. Bogle Pinot Noir
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    Bogle is another go-to label for me. Their Pinot Noir is smooth, a little dry, easy to drink, and just yummy. Around $11
  5. Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon
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    Props to @bookishclaire for introducing me to this, her favorite wine, or at least her favorite to buy in stores. It's dry but fruity, and delicious. Around $15
  6. Ravenswood Old Vine (or Vintners Blend) Zinfandel
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    I love these both and honestly while I can taste a bit of a difference in flavor, I can't taste a difference in quality. They're both excellent, fruity, sort of "heavy" wines. $8-$20
  7. Alamos Malbec
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    I love Malbec. This one is a beautiful dark red, and spicy but fruity. Delicious, and at $9, so affordable.
  8. Mendel Malbec
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    This wine is 👌. Gorgeous dark color, fruity, smooth, dry, spicy—all things I love. Around $25
  9. Champagne
    Deserves it's own list
  10. A bunch of wines I've had in Europe and don't remember the names of