I was going to make this about local orgs but wanted it to be useful for more than just those of us in DC. But most of these orgs also have a local chapter or affiliate👍. If these don't inspire you, find one that does! Search Charity Navigator for ideas. Thanks for encouraging this @list 💛
  1. Camfed
    www.camfed.org Camfed empowers young women in Africa by educating them—an investment that has positive repercussions for their whole communities.
  2. Polaris
    www.polarisproject.org Polaris works to eradicate human trafficking and protect and support the victims of it, both foreign and domestic. @elizgerrior works to fight sex trafficking every day, and I've learned some horrific and startling facts from her, and have the hotline number in my phone: 1-888-373-7888
  3. THON–the exception to my national rule for this list, in that it's PA based (but THON has inspired many universities and high schools around the country who have started their own dance marathons)
    www.thon.org I could wax poetic about PSU's Dance MaraTHON, the world's largest student run philanthropy. The short version: THON's mission is to eradicate pediatric and motto is For The Kids (FTK). I served as a Captain for 2 years which will mean nothing to most people, but was life-changing for me/sparked my passion for non-profit work. Since 1977 THON has raised over $127 million for fourdiamonds.org. For a tiny, inspiring, taste, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCL-sCf0LI0
  4. Justice For Vets
    www.justiceforvets.org Justice For Vets leads the national effort to establish Veterans Treatment Courts within reach of every veteran in need. VTCs are an alternative to incarceration for veterans who get involved with the criminal justice system and have a diagnosis of a mental health and/or substance abuse disorder. JFV provides technical assistance and training to VTCs, shapes public opinion through outreach, and advocates for state and federal legislation.
  5. The Humane Society
    www.humanesociety.org The Humane Society fights against animal cruelty at the national level and through their affiliates, cares for over 100,000 animals a year. Also look into helping your local shelters, who typically have a much smaller budget and donor base than national orgs—and seriously consider adopting, not shopping, when it's time to expand your family by adding a pet!
  6. @kristof has a good list of other charities to consider, too.