1. Peeling off the Bioré pore strip and inspecting it
    Gross but fascinating and satisfying AF.
  2. Making illegal u-turns
  3. Starbucks Gold Card
    Cardholder since 2009
  4. The Vampire Diaries
    I have admitted to maybe 3 people that I watch and love this show🙊🙈🙉 but this is a safe space right? Like you might judge me but it won't be in a totally cruel, condescending, "ugh unbelievable, forget HER" way...right?
  5. Harris Teeter store brand shark fruit chews
    I know these are for kids and I know these are purely faux fruit flavored, dyed waxy things, but they are delicious. I usually eat all 6 packs in a day.
  6. Hallmark Channel Original Movies
    Their predictability is comforting.
  7. Peeling off the dead skin after a sunburn
    Again, gross, again, fascinating.
  8. Not changing out of my pajamas for a whole day because I don't leave my bed except to go to the bathroom and answer the door when the delivery guy brings my food (Thai).