On this day just a handful of years or so ago, the world was graced with Claire's presence, and list certainly wouldn't be the same without her, so let's celebrate 🎉
  1. I'm so lucky you're my roommate @bookishclaire
  2. Happy birthday @bookishclaire!
    You were one of the first people I interacted with on this app. I'm always happy to see your lists. Hope you have a great day!
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  3. Happy Birthday Claire! 🎂
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  4. Happy day to you, wonderful Claire!
    May sultry Josh Lyman brighten your day!
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  5. Happy Birthday @bookishclaire
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  6. Josh Lyman and I both want you to have a great birthday @bookishclaire !
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    Happy Day!
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  8. Happy birthday, Claire!
    And thanks for introducing me to this app through book riot!!! 😘
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  9. Happiest of Birthdays! I was going to gift you a lame joke like 'hoppy birthday' to match my gif(t).. 👀 ok, I guess I kinda did!
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  10. Happy birthday @bookishclaire! 🎉🎉🎉
    If not for you I wouldn't even be on @list! Thank goodness for your @bookriot article recommending it! Best present I could have ever been given; I hope you'll get se great presents today!
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  11. Happy Birthday! I am so grateful for you and what you add to this community!
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  12. Happy Birthday Claire!!! ❤️
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  13. Bon anniversaire !!!!!! Plein de bonnes choses !!! ❤️
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  14. Happy birthday! :)
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