A week from today, I'm heading to California for the first time. I'll be in LA for work (mostly around Burbank) 3/7-3/9 and then San Francisco to visit a friend 3/9-3/12 (she lives in Inner Sunset). Suggestions for good places to eat, visit, etc are very appreciated!
  1. UCB
    Go see an improv show it will be funnnnn
    Suggested by @drugs
  2. Skylight Books
    Amazing bookstore
    Suggested by @drugs
  3. Sol Y Luna
    MEXXXICCAANNN! You're going to be in the valley anyway (Burbank) and this is in tarzana which is not far. Such good food
    Suggested by @drugs
  4. The Broad
    Cool ass art
    Suggested by @drugs
  5. Joan's on Third
    Good celeb watching/great sandwiches and salads
    Suggested by @drugs
  6. Sassafras
    It's this bar on Vine with live music it's funnnnnn and there is a wheel you can spin to choose your price on drinks and if you're lucky you don't have to pay!
    Suggested by @drugs
  7. Sausalito
    You can take a really gorgeous ferry ride from SF and it's such a cute town to walk around in and eat and take pics
    Suggested by @drugs
  8. Yank Sing in San Francisco (there is a better location than the one I tagged but I forgot the address its near the Embarcadero) GREAT Chinese food
    Suggested by @drugs
  9. Bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge
    Suggested by @drugs
  10. Ferry Building
    Cool food vendors but honestly it's where I go to get blue bottle coffee and look at the water
    Suggested by @drugs
  11. The Mill, SF
    Again it won't let me tag but it's this fab coffee and toast place. Inside is so beautiful and airy and the coffee/tea are good and the toast menu is really nice. Good place to chill and gram
    Suggested by @drugs
  12. For vinyl hit up Ameoba in LA and for books, a cute store is The Last Bookstore; both are downtown. Consider having breakfast at Dotties in SF. The line is worth it, and Rasputin off of Powell&Market has 5 floors of music. Hope you have funnn!!
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
  13. Baker Beach, SF
    A great little beach tucked away close to Sea Cliff with postcard worthy views of the Golden Gate. Usually a relatively empty beach too, so it's really nice and quiet!
    Suggested by @pujas
  14. The farmer's market outside the Ferry Building, SF
    If you enjoy farmer's markets, you should definitely check this out. Even if you don't actually want to buy anything, it's lively and fun to look around
    Suggested by @shreyasaurus
  15. Acme Bread, SF
    They have multiple locations but there's one inside the Ferry Building and it's great.
    Suggested by @shreyasaurus
  16. Ca Del Sole!🍝❤️
    The best Italian in Burbank! My office's go to restaurant whenever the boss takes us out for lunch😉 Stunning patio, so definitely sit outside if it's a beautiful day. Gnocchi cooked to perfection and burrata that will haunt your dreams.
    Suggested by @caitlynmn
  17. Beachwood Canyon
    Good hike amazing view also you will be near Beachwood Cafe which is delish breakfast
    Suggested by @drugs
  18. North Beach area in SF
    Listapp isn't letting me tag the location but it's the Italian district and it is beautiful and there are so many good places to eat Cafe Greco for coffee/pastry is GREAT
    Suggested by @drugs
  19. The Getty
    It has a great collection and the architecture as well as the views of LA are gorgeous (especially at sunset).
    Suggested by @shreyasaurus
  20. Eat any and everywhere you can in San Francisco!
    Zazie, Brenda's Soul Food, El Farolito, Bi-rite ice cream (for salted caramel), tacolicious, dottie's (French toast is delicious), tommy's joynt, blue bottle coffee, ritual coffee...
    Suggested by @michellejennifer
  21. Chinatown, SF
    It's mesmerizing in pictures, but feels so much more real and incredible in person. Also, the City Lights Bookstore is close by!
    Suggested by @ayegone
  22. Say hi to @saytrumbo
    Suggested by @saytrumbo
  23. since you'll be in the sunset already, I definitely recommend brunch at outerlands (go super early on weekends or stick to weekdays), coffee and cute toast at trouble coffee, and shop at general store (these are all on the same street!) then my absolute favorite most adorable coffee shop is hollow on irving! (see below)
    Suggested by @extracelestial