How to Make My Favorite Sandwich

I got addicted to this sandwich at one of my favorite cafes and realized it's pretty dang easy to make at home, so now I get to eat it ALL THE DANG TIME.
  1. Ingredients
    Prosciutto, goat cheese, baby spinach or arugula, honey, and good quality bread. I cannot understate the importance of the bread—it must be good, and it must have raisins or cranberries in it. Walnuts optional, but encouraged. This raisin walnut bread from Yes organic market is 💥
  2. 1: toast the bread
  3. 2: while bread is still warm, spread goat cheese on both slices
  4. 3: drizzle with honey
  5. 4: pile on prosciutto
  6. 5: add greens
  7. 6: admire your work
  8. ENOY