Told @joemurphy he'd be good at this game and when he asked me to explain, I came up with this mess of a list/story. It's a name/drinking game I used to play in college. Drinking alcohol optional, but drinking something filling is necessary.
  1. Let's say we are drinking root beer and hopefully @Nicholas doesn't mind me roping him in for this story since that's the drink of choice. And @marymurphy would also be great at this so she is playing too. Sorry in advance for the ummm artistic license taken below guys.
  2. ---------------Let's begin
  3. We sit in a circle and I start the game off by saying the name Harmon Killebrew; @joemurphy you're up next because we are civilized and going counter clockwise...
  4. while you think of a famous person's name that starts with "K" you have to drink your rootbeer the whole time.
  5. Finally you remember Kylie Minogue because her song Can't Get You Outta My Head has been stuck in yours all day (😑).
  6. @Nicholas is up next, already drinking/savoring his rootbeer, and after drinking about half the bottle ('cause he only drinks rootbeer from bottles, not cans) thinks of Michelle Trachtenberg, and feels validated in his binge watching of Buffy.
  7. @marymurphy is up and she barely has to take a sip before she shouts TINA TURNER and she is thrilled because double letter means it reverses back to @Nicholas...
  8. BUT he has been waiting for a "T" name so he can say Thom Yorke👌
  9. @marymurphy is like, Radiohead, DUH, but she hasn't been drinking while thinking of Y names and I call her out on it. She rolls her eyes and shouts JESSICA CHASTAIN to buy time, then keeps drinking that rootbeer for a minute before 💡she says Yao Ming.
  10. 💯 Mary. But luckily I love baseball so almost immediately say Mickey Mantel and HAHAHAH @marymurphy you're not the only one with double letters up your sleeve...
  11. But before @marymurphy can even say Macaulay Culkin, @Nicholas shouts out HARMON KILLEBREW and turns his rootbeer bottle upside down to prove he has finished it and won the game.
  12. And that's how you play Harmon Kille(a)brew.