Love this random request.
  1. Because you've definitely given me this necklace at the end of our date to the record place, you can have some of it, @michael_circa91
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  2. And by some of it I mean you can choose one of the colors to eat, because I eat candy necklaces in an organized way, one color at a time, saving the best for last. You may choose any color but orange, which is my favorite.
    You pick red, because you're feeling really vulnerable after our date and it just seems right.
  3. I offer some of the necklace to @bookishclaire but she looks at the now partly-eaten necklace with a mixture of disgust and disdain and questions (internally) why she is friends with me.
    I knew she would do this, but had to offer to be polite.
  4. I share some next with @helga, @franksars, and @Lisa_Fav because they've finally come to visit DC. They're a little grossed out but chalk this up to another weird American thing, and try it anyway. They all choose yellow because it seems like the least-harmful color and corresponding flavor.
    @franksars has brought Toby as I requested, and I give Toby homemade dog treats instead of some of the candy necklace because I'm spoiling him and want to distract him from the candy necklace (he is very curious about it).
  5. I offer some to @simplyshelli but turns out she found a half-eaten candy necklace in her bed earlier so she's all set.
    See what she found in her bed this morning here: WHAT WAS IN MY BED WITH ME THE MORNING AFTER NYE
  6. Next, @eatthelove chooses green, because he decides it's been WAY too long since he ate a candy necklace.
  7. Then we all settle in to binge watch Jessica Jones, mixed with Community (when we need to lighten the atmosphere every few episodes), and eat the many pies and cheesecakes that @eatthelove brought all the way from LA.
    Toby sits in my lap, ideally.