Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Sandwich
    Start with the bottom of a fresh roll spread with mayo, then a heavy handed pile of thinly shaved ham, follow by provolone. Toast OPEN and then top with grilled pineapple, and the toasted top of roll that is slathered in mayo as well.
  2. Mixed Drink
    Sazerac...ish. Absinthe-rinsed glass, ice, Fee Brothers bitters, Bulleit rye whiskey, maple syrup, squeeze of lemon, stir gently, add burnt lemon peel and taste, then add extra syrup if I overdid the bitters or whiskey, which, probably.
  3. Cheese Steak
    Jim's on South Street in Philly. Steak, provolone, plenty of ketchup.
  4. Wrap
    Spinach wrap with romaine, Swiss cheese, crunchy bean sprouts, carrots, still-warm grilled chicken, and creamy Caesar dressing.
  5. Pizza
    Thin crust, sauce, tons of fresh basil, abundant mozzarella, a light sprinkling of thick-cut pancetta, cooked in wood fired oven until there is major blistering on crust. Served with red pepper flakes and garlic sauce on the side. Balsamic glaze if the mood strikes.
  6. Manicure
    Winter: OPI gel "Malaga Wine" Summer: Essie "Fiji"
  7. Green juice
    Spinach, lots of kale, apple, orange, enough ginger for a good kick, but not so much that my nose starts running.
  8. Popcorn
    Movie theatre, with butter, but only a small and then I can only eat 3/4 of it before I feel sick. Probably due to msg or whatever in the GMO popcorn and fake butter, but guess what, still gonna get it 10/10 times.
  9. Starbucks
    Grande non-fat caramel macchiato, only 3 pumps of syrup.
  10. Coffee from Tryst
  11. Coffee at home
    One spoonful sugar, 1/2 TBSP milk or half & half, served in my Shakespearean insults mug which is the perfect size and accurately reflects my saltiness level when I am pre-caffeine.
  12. Board game
    Chinese checkers