1. Still processing the shutdown news, and know I'll wish I'd expressed myself better, but for now I'll just say...before The List App came around, I never realized the positive impact an app could have on my life.
  2. It was unique, it was fun(ny),it was creative, it was informative, it was interesting.
    It wasn't perfect. But it was special.
  3. It was a great outlet for a unique and yet ubiquitous way of writing and expression.
  4. And it brought me so many friendships! And until List, I'd never really understood how people could form true friendships—not just good internet acquaintanceships—from social media.
  5. This was and is a creative community, and I'll always be grateful to Dev, BJ, Jeremy, and Nicholas (et al) for that.
  6. I'll always have a soft spot for List, and I'll always miss it. I have hope for the future (mysterious) endeavor, but I'm having a hard time even thinking about it at the moment.
  7. To all of you: thanks for making the ride so great. Here's where you can find me elsewhere:
  8. Instagram: LizAnnDawson
  9. Twitter: LizAnnDawson
  10. Litsy: Liz
    Should really get on this more...
  11. Facebook: Liz Ann
  12. Gmail: lizz.dawson