Inspired by the HBO promos for Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons:
  1. I believe that lime flavored Skittles are superior to the green apple flavor that replaced them
  2. I believe that steps walked in heels should count for more on FitBit
  3. I believe that there is a right way to hang toilet paper, and it's over, not under
  4. I believe that Idris Elba would make a better Bond than Damian Lewis
  5. I believe that soccer would be improved if offsides close calls were made in favor of the attacker
  6. I believe that English bacon is superior to American bacon
  7. I believe that anyone who hasn't peed in the ocean is a liar
  8. I believe that How I Met Your Mother should have ended with "End of the Aisle"
    And to this day refuse to watch the actual series finale.
  9. I believe that Walking On Broken Glass should always be on the set list at piano bars
  10. I believe that Flannery O'Connor's short stories should be required reading in American Lit classes
  11. I believe that This is Where I Leave You is a better movie than book
  12. I believe that buffalo chicken dip is the perfect tailgating food, as long as it's served with tortilla chips