1. Hot water with lemon juice and raw honey
    A big spoonful of this stuff plus a generous squeeze of lemon juice, mixed into hot water. It's better than tea, I swear.
  2. Kleenex ultra soft tissues
    Your nose deserves the best treatment when you're blowing it every 3 minutes.
  3. Banana, almond butter, and chocolate smoothie
    1 ripe banana, 1 scoop Garden of Life raw superfood powder, 1 spoonful cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon honey, 2 spoonfuls almond butter. Poured in almond milk until all those ingredients were covered, then blended smooth. The only food I've been able to eat all day. (Pinterest photo)
  4. A crap ton of vitamins and minerals
    Popping so many pills
  5. Lemsip
    Grateful for my British roommate's drugs. Seriously helpful, without any drowsiness. Thanks @bookishclaire
  6. YouTube
    Watching mainly movie trailers, Superfruit videos, and scenes from my guilty pleasure tv show The Vampire Diaries. Leave me alone, I'm sick and I'll watch what I want.
  7. North & South
    Quickly became obsessed with this BBC drama about a family from the South of England displaced to the North. The acting, costumes, set, and music are all excellent, and the gender and class strife are portrayed really well.
  8. Medicated Blistex
    Because my poor little lips are so dry and cracked right now.