Requested by Marissa Rae


Making this list was both fun and kinda depressing
  1. Rare books librarian
    I'd study and take care of things like Shakespeare's folios, and lead discussions/teach sessions about the books.
  2. Ice cream flavor maker/tester
  3. House-sitter for the rich and famous
    They don't want to leave their house unattended so they'd not only just leave it in my capable hands, they'd pay me to live there for extended periods. I could just read poolside all day.
  4. Professional focus group Guinea pig
    Test anything on me but meds, basically. The latest food fad, Apple product, fitness class, book covers, your latest joke, you name it.
  5. Panda caregiver 🐼
    A friend sent me a link about this job that pays you to hug pandas all day. Seriously. Do they have this job but for elephants?
  6. Location scout
    Being paid to travel the world to spot locations for movies and tv shows is probably harder than it sounds, but the pros must heavily outweigh the cons
  7. Pinterest browser
    Just let me scope out content and test DIY ideas and recipes all day. (FYI you can find me on Pinterest at LizDawson10)
  8. Village person
    Fully inspired by @Grosstastic's Mellow Farmer dream. I don't really want to farm, mainly I want to live in an estate in the English countryside, preferably the Peak or Lake Districts, or a cute village somewhere. I would read all the time, and take walks with my dog along public footpaths in my Barbour jacket. I've gotten to do some of this each summer when I visit my Aunt and Uncle's house (pictured) in a little village called Barton, in Lincolnshire, one of my favorite places in the world.