I don't often post Facebook status updates, but when I do...(it's this)
  1. We're immensely privileged that we get to vote. No matter how unhappy with or disillusioned by politics you are, don't waste an opportunity that millions of other people across the globe would literally kill for. Exercise your right.
    (I don't consider myself someone who is easily susceptible to crying, but there isn't a single time I've voted that I haven't had tears in my eyes as the gravity and blessing of the action hit me. Not voting because you can't be bothered or you don't like your options—at least if you live in a state where write-ins are allowed—is a slap in the face to democracy and those who fought for your right to vote.)
  2. Our broken but beautiful world won't end tomorrow night, no matter what the outcome of this election.
    (This will bear repeating to yourself, over and over again.)