1. An astronaut...
    Scott Kelly
  2. ...legit a dude who has been living and working in space, for a year...
  3. (SPACE. Infinity. The last frontier. I am fascinated and freaked out by space 😱)
  4. is coming home
  5. to earth
  6. on Tuesday.
  7. Most of us have forgotten he's been up there on the International Space Station for longer than any U.S. astronaut,
  8. eating, sleeping, working, studying—at a basic level, doing everything we do down here on earth—but up there with zero gravity surrounded by INFINITY and beyond
  9. and now he is coming back down to earth.
  10. ...and what's the first thing he wants to do when he gets back down here?
  11. "I'm going to go home and jump in my pool"
  12. Like, 💁no big deal, he just wants to do normal, everyday human things.
  13. While I'm over here thinking that just over 100 years ago—not too long before most of our (great) grandparents were born—the Wright brothers made their first sustained flight in North Carolina.
    It was 1903
  14. And on Tuesday, an American citizen who flew up to space a year ago is, effectively, making a (dangerous and complicated) long commute home.
  15. Just:
  16. What a time to be alive.
  17. 👏🚀safe journey home, Dr. Kelly!