1. Wishbone
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    A dog who loves classic literature. What's not to love? This show wasn't scared of handling "heavy" issues and scenes. They even burned Joan of Arc at the stake--actually that scene gave me nightmares, but hey it built character.
  2. Zoom
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    Is there anything even remotely similar to Zoom on TV these days?
  3. Reading Rainbow
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    Books books books! @ReadingRainbow so thankful the App exists now 👏.
  4. Pound Puppies
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    Never has a cartoon name been more accurate than "Cooler" the beagle.
  5. The Magic Schoolbus
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    Ms. Frizzle 💗. Someone told me it's coming to Netflix. Do any List Appers have the inside scoop on this?!
  6. Update: Arthur
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    Thanks for the reminder @elizgerrior! DW is 👑 see @stars's list why here: Times When Dw Was a Savage Emotional Terrorist