Thanks to an exhausting-but-amazing weekend in Nee Orleans, I'm a day late with this...but better late than never, right? Here are some lists I liked last week that I think deserve some more attention. Add your suggestions below (and see last week's list here: Lists We've Liked This Week (July 25-31))
  1. 17 Design Inspirations For A Global Strategy Room by @ThereWillBeGames war rooms, brainstorming rooms, strategy rooms of all kinds (old school, tech, etc). Really neat.
  2. TIMES I'M LIKELY TO CRY DURING THE OLYMPICS by @TQ I am so torn over the Olympics bc I love the sports and competition and country pride/spirit, but the utter moral filth is repugnant and TQ gets it (and don't even get me started on my feelings re: FIFA corruption and the World Cup 💔)
  3. 4 incredible dogs who beat the odds by @ASPCA
    4 Incredible Dogs Who Beat the Odds 🎙the ASPCA IS ON @list, I repeat, the ASPCA IS ON LIST! I am so excited but also afraid I'm going to be heartbroken I can't adopt a dog of my own yet
  4. CINQUE TERRE TOUR DIARY by @gaiasdm
    CINQUE TERRE TOUR DIARY Cinque Terre is super high up on the list of places I'd like to visit next, so I was living vicariously through this list and drooling over the views
  5. Things you should do in Bergen, Norway, Vol. I by @Burghi
    Things you should do in Bergen, Norway vol.1 y'all know I love a good travel list and this one (from Oliver) is great thanks to sheep selfies
  6. The Thoughts of an Actress Who's Not Sure if the Misspelled Name on the Callback Sheet is Her's by @dfly
    Suggested by @lizabeth
    Suggested by @justjills