Happy Sunday night, List. I'm relieved to have a long weekend, and tomorrow will only be all the more inspiring because of the weekend it precedes. So here are some lists I liked this week that deserve some more attention—suggest your favorites. (Last week's: Lists We've Liked This Week (Jan. 2-8, 2017))
  1. 10/10 would buy tickets
  2. Need music recs? See Michael and @lesleyann 👌
  3. How does @gabimoskowitz take care of me after a long-ass day? by @evan
    Warning: reading this list will make you wish *you* were married to @gabimoskowitz
  4. This is my formal request for more life-changing book lists, friends. Can't get enough.
  5. @Boogie liked this list so much she suggested it in advance 👏
  6. Suggested by @BWN_7
  7. Loved reading everyone's ideas about what bravery looks like to them.
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  8. This list made me laugh so much!🤣
    Suggested by @kate81
  9. Adding this list because I only just discovered it and am fascinated by it
  10. 🐶❤️🐶
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu
  11. Suggested by @kiraandlulu
  12. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu
  13. Dreams! Amazing Wild Cinematic Dreams! 😳
    Suggested by @andersun
  14. such a fun topic!
    Suggested by @americson
  15. Confused Ryan Gosling if you're not following @sarahmccoy I'm gonna recommend you start.
    Suggested by @justjills
  16. Discovered via the li.st email and loved it.
    Suggested by @justjills
  17. If people could hear themselves 😂
    Suggested by @angela3950