Happy Sunday! Here are a few lists I liked this week that should get some more attention. Add your suggestions below (and see last week's list here: Lists We've Liked This Week (July 4-10))
  1. What Certain CDs in Your Collection Told Me About You, Circa 2001 by @marykathryn
  2. New York City Wildlife by @lizzieohreally
  3. MY GRAN by @readjulia
  4. Things I'll Miss About Charlotte by @ktran97
  5. Growing Up in the Most Dangerous City in the World by @buenofer
  6. You ain't shit if your 80s movie doesn't have at least 3 of these things by @joemurphy
    Suggested by @justjills
  7. If Love Actually was made NOW by @kendallbartels
    Suggested by @justjills