So with the new update I know there's been concern about finding new content and listers. I've read some good lists pretty easily through the discover page, but I understand people's concerns and hope that LWLTW may be even more useful to people than it was pre-big update. What are some lists you liked this week that deserve some more attention?
  1. First I would just like to state for the record that "olfactory" is an amazing word. Second, this list will either take you down memory lane or spark your scent imagination, so you win either way.
  2. Just a relaxing treat for your eyeballs
  3. Let's hear it for BOB DYLAN. The lit crowd on social media seemed to be very torn about whether or not Dylan should've been awarded the prize for Literature but I'm solidly in the damn-right-he-deserved-it camp.
  4. I'm now even more excited to see this movie.
  5. If you aren't following this account yet, you should be, the content is 💯. I especially love this list because I'm a Christian who is absolutely infuriated by Trump and those who say they're supporting him because of their Christian values (the Supreme Court nominees on the line being a primary argument they make). Trump is not a Christian, and I promise you that his supporters are not representative of the whole of our faith.
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  10. Feel better, Doc!
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