Happy Sunday, List! Here are a few lists I liked this week that I think should get some more attention. What would you add? (Last week's list: Lists We've Liked This Week (Aug 29-Sept 4))
  1. Adorable + hilarious
  2. Tracy is killing the travel list game with all of her recent lists about England. Great mix of food, architecture, and scenery photos on this one 👌
  3. I'd probably read all of these tbh
  4. This reminded me of how much I loved SpongeBob
  5. So great with a wonderful twist ...
    Suggested by @andersun
  6. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE by @chriscady
    Suggested by @justjills
  7. Subscription boxes I want for Christmas by @lexie_elyse
    Suggested by @justjills