My Grandparents collected the Warner Bros. 1973 Pepsi collector series glasses and I've always loved them. My Pop Pop introduced us to the cartoons. Glass preference directly correlated to my love of featured character, with one exception.
  1. Tweety
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  2. Bugs Bunny
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    I always liked this glass partly because it features basically the Don of the Looney Tunes fam, but also because this nice medium size was just right for me as a kid.
  3. Speedy Gonzales
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  4. Foghorn Leghorn
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  5. Daffy Duck
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  6. Sylvester
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  7. Porky Pig feat. Tasmanian Devil
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    The exception: they weren't in my top 10 favorite characters, but this glass with Porky fishing and Tasmanian trying to eat the fish was and is a treasure.
  8. Henery Hawk
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  9. Road Runner
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  10. Elmer Fudd
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  11. Wile E. Coyote
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  12. Pepé Le Pew
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  13. Porky Pig
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  14. Woody Woodpecker
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  15. Tasmanian Devil
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  16. Petunia Pig
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  17. Cool Cat
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    I liked Cool Cat well enough, but in truth, he was no Pink Panther.
  18. Yosemite Sam
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  19. Slow Poke Rodriguez
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  20. Beaky Buzzard
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