Marshall Eriksen's Charts, Ranked

Episode 4x22 of How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorites and makes me wish we had a graphics department at work.
  1. 7.
    Charts for work, booooooring
  2. 6.
    Realistic about his friends' hatred of charts
    The gang just doesn't get it, charts are amazing
  3. 5.
    Optimistic about his friends' love of charts
  4. 4.
    Bar graph of pies would be higher up if Marshall had better taste in pies—key lime pie is THE BEST
  5. 3.
    Marshall makes up for his taste in pie with his great taste in bars, plus I dig pie charts
  6. 2.
    The @list community should all appreciate this one for both its format and its content
  7. 1.
    🙌 🎶 hands down the easy winner