Movies Starring Mice, Ranked

  1. 1.
    The Great Mouse Detective
    Basil of Baker Street is a wonderful kid-friendly adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, and his partner Dr. Dawson was the first character in a movie I had seen who shared my name (this was pre-Titanic and Jack Dawson).
  2. 2.
    The Rescuers Down Under
    I always loved this more than the original Rescuers, perhaps because of the cool secondary animal characters thanks to the Outback setting. Anyway, Bianca and Bernard are adorable adventurers and they still warm my heart.
  3. 3.
    So Remy is a rat but whatever, that's close enough🐭. And since good food features heavily in this movie, putting it in my top 3 was a no-brainer. The storyline and every detail is so creative, and I love how Remy chases his dreams while encouraging Linguini. Perfect balance of wistful and funny.
  4. 4.
    Would be a bit higher on the list, but parts of it scared me as a kid, and technically it's not all about a mouse. It's beautiful and mesmerizing though, and all the more amazing because it was released in 1940(‼️).
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    Stuart Little
    This movie is cast SO WELL and it's just plain adorable. Don't feel a desire to watch it as often as the first 3 movies on this list though.
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    Fievel Goes West
    Last on the list because, it didn't capture my childhood attention or imagination the way The Great Mouse Detective and The Rescuers Down Under did. I remember liking but not loving it (though I liked it more than the original). Is it controversial to say it's a good but not great movie in my book?!
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    Edit: Mouse Hunt
    For @MatthewAlmont and @hkelley, who reminded me about it. Nathan Lane is a gem in this movie, but it's last because it's not actually focused much on the mouse, although he's the impetus of the action (and HOORAY, he beats the brothers).