Many of these are still among my favorites.
  1. The Little Mermaid
    I've never wanted to be a character so badly. I had Little Mermaid clothes, bedding, dolls, you name it. I pretended to be a Mermaid all summer long at the beach and our local pool.
  2. The Great Mouse Detective
    I had a crush on a mouse
  3. Robin Hood
    I had a crush on a fox
  4. Beauty and the Beast
    Second favorite Disney Princess movie as a kid. My Dad even took me to see Beauty and the Beast on ice, bless him.
  5. The Land Before Time
    I still think dinosaurs are super cool and I like to go see them at the National Museum of Natural History.
  6. The Sword in the Stone
    I loved Archimedes, Merlin's owl.
  7. Peter Pan
    The scene where they fly by Big Ben 😍. I was also way more into Tiger Lily than Pocahontas.
  8. Chariots of Fire
    One of the first "adult" movies I watched; everyone in my family is introduced to this v v early on. Arguably one of the best movies ever, with one of the best original scores.
  9. The Sound of Music
    The hilllllssss are aliiiiivveee🎼
  10. The Swiss Family Robinson
    Growing up, we spent our Summer's at our house on the Northern Neck of Virginia. There were a few VHS movies we kept that were our special summer films; this is the one I always looked forward to.
  11. Dunston Checks In
    Also a Summer movie. It was so under appreciated! Constantly lost it while laughing, no mater how many times I watched it. But as much as I loved it, my younger brother loved it even more.
  12. Homeward Bound
    I've always been an animal lover and this movie likely had something to do with it. All. The. Feels.
  13. Riverdance: The Show
    Obviously not movie but I watched this so many times it basically counts. Riverdance > Lord of the Dance
  14. Newsies
    Finally, I had a crush on a human! Christian Bale in this and Little Women had me all😍
  15. Little Women
    I've grown up watching the March sisters grow up ❤️