My 18yo cousin Julia @FrameOfMine (welcome to The List App👋) is both extremely talented and hard working. This is just a sampling of her art that we've seen this Thanksgiving. You can find her website here:
  1. Oceans
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    Oil paint
  2. Rhythm
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    Acrylic paint. Before I knew the title, Julia was describing the assignment she painted this for: the instructor put on music and told them to paint it. I told her I could see the rhythm in this piece. Crazy how she captured music on a canvas!
  3. Mountains
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    Oil paint. She drew this from a black and white picture but in her own version decided to add color, and it's subtle but stunning.
  4. Pointillism Portrait
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  5. Apollos
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    Acrylic. This photo doesn't do it justice. It's a flower made out of computer parts and the roots are wires leading to an outlet. The contrast to the natural flowers in the windowsill planter is👌.