Thanks @nathanveshecco. I'm not always...the most graceful winner...
  1. When @bookishclaire didn't believe me when I told her they sell PG Tips in the States
  2. When a friend in high school said I couldn't out-eat him at Fudruckers 🍔
  3. Any time I'm right about the spelling, root, or definition of an obscure word
  4. When I told @billdawson that taking Route 29 does NOT save time so it'd be better to stay on my route. He insisted he knew best and we got stuck in an extra hour of traffic.
    Not really a triumph since I was pissed, but I did feel vindicated so it was oddly satisfying. I'm gross, I know 🙈😓
  5. When I won a round of Munchkin after a heated 15 minute debate over my move
    My family takes games very seriously...
  6. When I crushed a guy in a debate in high school, and another boy's parent then complained that girls shouldn't debate the boys because it was bad for their self-esteem
    Yeah don't even get me started on that one
  7. When my friends in College said there was no way I'd finish the whole pizza
  8. Really anytime someone tells me I can't do something and then I nail it