I love driving. On highways, on parkways, on old cobblestone streets. I kind of even like it during DC rush hour (to me, this is the time when driving is most like playing chess). But this is the recipe for the best kind of driving.
  1. Time of day: 7am
    the city isn't fully awake yet and the sun is barely hung up in the sky. It feels like it's just me and the road, as a team. I can enjoy watching the world wake up, and barely beat the rush hour traffic that's about to start. Victory.
  2. Weather: slightly cloudy but the sun is breaking through and temps will reach 70 degrees eventually, with low-to-0 humidity
  3. Tank: full. Both my car with gas, and my mug with coffee.
  4. Schedule: none. I have no obligations, no plans. I can take my time, but this doesn't mean I drive slowly—it means I can take the long route and pit-stop wherever and whenever I want.
  5. Steering wheel position: Low. Almost in my lap. I like to hold my hands under the wheel at 6:30🕡and 5:30🕠when I don't have to maneuver through intense traffic.
  6. Feet: in flip-flops, my left leg lifted up on the seat with the knee leaving against the door, in a sort of half-crossed style.
  7. Tunes: it varies by my mood. So I'll put iTunes shuffle on and it's a totally eclectic mix of indie, pop, oldies, and country.
    If I put on the radio and any of these songs come on, I'll burst into a sing-a-long: SONGS I ALWAYS GET EXCITED ABOUT WHEN THEY COME ON THE RADIO
  8. Roads: once I make it out of the city, the road is long with a seemingly endless horizon ahead, and I can go fast; but punctuated with brief stretches of twists and turns every so often—so I can be disciplined and enjoy hugging the curves.
  9. Rules: only one. Once you hit the old back roads, anytime you see a narrower road, you must take it.
    This is a rule when we visit family and friends in England and go for a country drive. Let me tell you, those roads get narrow; they're often more like barely beaten paths. This rule has lead us to some wonderful discoveries.