Y'all I do not know what I'm doing but I'm in 2 fantasy leagues
  1. Do they play for a team with a mascot I love? ✔️
    Dolphins, Jaguars, Panthers, Seahawks
  2. Are they on a team that has jerseys I like? ✔️
    Bears, Colts, Saints, Rams, 49ers
  3. Do I like their name? ✔️
    Jamies Winston, Tyrod Taylor, Andrew Luck (hopefully lucky), Donte Moncrief
  4. Do they play for the Cowboys? ✖️
    I hate the Cowboys
  5. Do they play for the Eagles or Redskins? ✔️
    The teams I grew up watching
  6. Are they Ben Roethlisberger? ✖️
    Hard pass
  7. Are they Adrian Peterson? ✖️
    Double hard pass
  8. Are they dealing with injuries? ✖️
  9. Are they suspended for any length of time? ✖️
    Sorry, bro (looking at you Tom Brady and Leveon Bell)
  10. Are they a kicker? ✔️
    99% chance I pick a kicker third round. I feel like they're so underappreciated
  11. Pick a 2nd QB for the bench ✔️
  12. Shrug and hope for the best each round ✔️