(Or, Why @list Is So Useful.) I get so many ideas and good suggestions from this community! But I 💾 so many lists and life gets busy, so it often takes me awhile to get around to them; last week I made an extra effort to DO, and it was well worth it.
  1. Listened to tunes suggested by @lesleyann and @michael_circa91
    always, always, always listen to their 🎶 suggestions: RAINY SUNDAY TUNES & FAST AND HARD SONG RECS FOR U BROS
  2. Made pasta like a Roman thanks to @alenka and snapped the whole thing
    (forgive crappy photo that does not do this dish justice) HOW TO MAKE PASTA LIKE A ROMAN
  3. Watched @lorothery's short film Shelly which made me want to visit the aquarium
  4. Listened to @nathanveshecco's The Night Goes On Forever EP
    Corridor is probably my favorite song but it was hard to choose: https://soundcloud.com/nathanveshecco
  5. Watched @minhal's gorgeous short film Hala
  6. Reorganized my drawers and closet after reading @MandyKN's list about the KonMari method
    Just look at this gorgeous tshirt and tank drawer 😍 What It Looks Like To Live The KONMARI Method
  7. Listened to @sondrelerche's cover of Countdown, basically on repeat
    Must be hard as hell to cover Beyoncé and damn, this is good: https://open.spotify.com/track/37eN6ZWb7AKkObti06ShAs
  8. Finally got around to finishing Freaks and Geeks as promised, @justjills and @andersun: TV SHOWS I HAVE YET TO WATCH, RANKED BY HOW LONG I'VE BEEN PUTTING THEM OFF
  9. I read a great article on societal gender roles, focused on the importance of teaching men to be emotionally honest: http://nyti.ms/1RWPFmg