Requested by Frank Sars


Thanks for the LR @franksars 😄! After 2 great years, I left the non-profit world for the federal government—today was my first day.
  1. Ok. Lemme get the shallow stuff outta the way first:
  3. Work iPhone
    I feel spoiled and a little guilty about getting a work phone—a feeling that's no doubt a vestige of my #nonprofitproblems
  4. TV in my office (tuned to C-SPAN or MSNBC)
    Part of my job requires that I stay fully on top of politics as things happen in real time, and I'm excited about it 🤓
  5. LexisNexis Subscription
    Data and research are cool 🤓
  6. Metro commute
    People complain about the DC metro—and it does have its issues—but I like it. My new commute is 6 stops with no transfers, and ends at gorgeous Union Station 🙌. I drove to my old job (which has its perks) but I'm excited to not have to worry about finding parking in our neighborhood after a long day at work.
  7. Ok, but really:
  8. The office I'll be working with is small and comprised of smart, friendly, amazing people
    I'm so excited about my new coworkers and also my supervisor, who is well-respected and manages to have a real work-life balance (this isn't really the norm in DC)
  9. I get to have a hand in policy work, without any lobbying
    The job deals with criminal justice, on the research and analysis and education side of it
  10. It offers stability🙏🏼
    I wish I could say I'm someone who passionately followed their dreams, regardless of the consequences, but I'm not, at least in the typical sense. I never had 1 dream job, and I also crave stability, not just for me but for my family. This job will help with that, while also allowing me to do many things I love—writing and publishing, education and policy.
  11. Proximity to Ebenezer's Coffeehouse
    Oh, you think I meant to put this with the shallow reasons I'm excited about this job? Hahahahaha
  12. This isn't the job I'd have seen myself in 10, 5, or even 3 years ago. And I realize no job is perfect. But I'm excited about the possibilities it offers 🎉