In the order in which I saw them today.
  1. Starbucks employees
    I broke my own rule and supported an establishment being open on Thanksgiving—every single employee this am was cheerful when they had really no reason to be, and the coffee put a pep in my step for the drive to see family this am.
  2. Toll booth operators
    My EZ Pass is broken but today I was glad about it because it gave me the chance to say Happy Thanksgiving to 4 different toll booth operators, all of whom were lovely and had a hand in helping me get to my family.
  3. First responders
    They give up their holidays so we can enjoy ours, in safety and peace.
  4. AAA
    While driving up I-95, I saw a family pulled over with car trouble...and then saw the AAA truck arrive in time to save the day. Every day super heroes.
  5. Newborns
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    Really just an excuse to brag about how cute my little cousin is, because no one needs to remember to be thankful for new baby smell. Here I am drunk on it.
  6. You all.
    Love ya, List Appers.