I've been so excited about this cookbook by @gabimoskowitz and @MirandaBerman and it finally arrived this weekend. It has everything I look for in a good cookbook plus hilarious, endearing stories. Go get yourself a copy, because no matter your level of hot-messness, it's a winner.
  1. Before I start chronicling my journey through this fun book, her it is:
  2. Static
  3. I didn't want to take a photo and thereby give everything away (can there be cookbook spoiler alerts...? No?)but the Li.st mention in the acknowledgements my heart swell with fondness and and nostalgia for List at the very beginning*.
    Well, technically not beginning since I wasn't Beta, but dammit I feel like I was close enough.
  4. @eatthelove, @evan, and @dena you're all natural models, very impressive.
  5. Recipes I've Made:
  6. Easiest Roast Chicken To Trick Someone Into Falling In Love With Youv
    No photo—🤷‍♀️I made this way too late at night and was both impatient and stunningly bad at carving a chicken neatly. I don't know if this made my roommate fall in love with me, ask @bookishclaire. Leftovers were still juicy today, which was a huge win for me🙌.
  7. I'm Ready To Sleep With You Chocolate Mousse
    Also no photos, but my IG story is still up. Easy and fun to make, so decadent😍.