It's a good thing the candy bowl in the lobby exists.
  1. Kit-Kat, granola bar, coffee.
  2. Fritos, Snickers, beef jerky
    This one was my boss's dinner--I can't stand beef jerky.
  3. Lays chips, a mini-box of grape Nerds*, 5 mini-Butterfingers
    *ugh, not even a good flavor
  4. Fruit leather, trail mix, coffee
    At least this one is kind of healthy, right?
  5. Leftover cake, Cheetos, coffee, more Cheetos
  6. York Peppermint Patty, popcorn, beef jerky
    The boss again
  7. Two of those little Laughing Cow cheese wheels, half a box of Wheat Thins
    Not a great cheese-to-cracker ratio, otherwise, I wouldn't count this as sad--crackers and cheese is 👌.
  8. Kind bar, Lara bar, dried seaweed chips
    When my boss was in a healthy-snacks phase