Ten Perfect Songs

Originally a LR from @tartt (thank you!), but I couldn't stick to just 5. I'd say these picks are subjective but then I'd also argue you're objectively wrong if you don't think they're perfect songs.
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    Layla, Derek and the Dominos
    Clapton can do no wrong and this song is unforgettable.
  2. •
    Better Man, Leon Bridges
    You could be knee-deep in đź’©and you'd still be tapping along to this beat.
  3. •
    Make You Feel My Love, Bob Dylan
    Hands down the best love song out there. Bonus: Adele's cover is also perfect.
  4. •
    If I Were a Boy, Beyoncé
    Builds to the most cathartic and empowering righteous anger.
  5. •
    December, 1963 (Oh What A Night), Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
    If you don't start smiling when you recognize this song, you are dead inside.
  6. •
    Tighten Up, The Black Keys
    In which you get two amazing songs for the price of one, seamlessly.
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    Why Georgia, John Mayer
    I first heard this song when I was 14, and almost 16 years later, I'm still not sick of it.
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    Mr. Brightside, The Killers
    Proof that guitar and synth can live happily together on the same track. Perfectly highlights the frantic anxiety of the song's theme: jealousy.
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    We Found Love, Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris
    Decades from now, teenagers will hear this and realize they owe a lot to their grandparents' music.
  10. •
    HoppĂ­polla, Sigur RĂłs
    A total chameleon, it magnifies whatever emotion you're feeling in the moment x100.