Inspired by @aminam and @alligeeshow in honor of my mother's birthday.
  1. Her name is Lynn Christie Dawson
  2. She grew up on an island (Key Biscayne, Florida) and has an affinity for the ocean🌴🌊☀️
  3. But she is a bit of a beach snob because of it🏖
    If desperate for the water, she will settle fora trip to NJ or DE beaches, but she will be the first to tell you, they have nothing on Florida beaches
  4. She has one older brother and 6 step brothers, and many cousins who are more like extra siblings👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  5. She used to caddy for her dad and his friends to make extra cash, but she is not much of a golfer herself⛳️
  6. The first time she saw snow IRL was in the French Alps when she was a teenager🏔
  7. She looked innocent, but she was a bit of a wild child growing up, and still won't tell me all of her crazy stories from the 70s
    Luckily, my aunts tell me many of them😳😂
  8. She was a camp counselor in the Everglades and dealt with rattle snakes, scorpions, and alligators on a daily basis...but gets freaked out by bugs🕷
  9. And now her idea of camping "is a hotel with a number in its name" ⛺️
  10. After college, she went to seminary for a year because she had questions about her faith and decided she wanted to do some real digging and soul searching💒
    She got pneumonia that winter because she wasn't used to the weather in Boston
  11. She met my Dad @billdawson while she was in seminary and he was working in Boston—they were set up on a blind date💑
    They went to the first TGI Fridays in the country, and then he took her to a party. Turned out she knew a number of his friends already—they'd been counselors with her in the Everglades!
  12. She didn't want kids, she wanted a career. It was only after they'd been married a couple of years that she decided she wanted both👶🏼
  13. She always had a heart for social justice, and went to Antioch law school in DC. She clerked for DC judges, and later worked for legal aid⚖
    She and my Dad didn't have a honeymoon because they got married on a Saturday and started law school that Monday. This is them in their apartment in Arlington, VA.
  14. Her style skews classic but has big threads of hippie running through it still👗
    I really, really wish I had photo evidence on me right now.
  15. She loves parties, and is the most amazing hostess. This is partly because no one knows etiquette like she does, and partly because she can put anyone at ease🎊
  16. Gardening is stress-relieving for her 🌿
  17. She always knew when Will and I needed grace, and when we needed a swift kick in the pants. 👟
    Will and I have both had stages where we were pretty damn terrible people. But, while tough on us, she loved us unconditionally even when we didn't deserve it
  18. She supported my Dad when he made the biggest decision of his life and he quit corporate law to teach at a small private school. It required a career change for her, too, among many other sacrifices🏅
  19. Now she teaches 5th grade, and bends over backwards to help her students not only learn, but enjoy learning. She goes above and beyond the call of duty📚
  20. She and my Dad have been married for almost 40 years, and they set an example of what an equal relationship really looks like💯
  21. She loves to dance💃🏻
    She and Dad chaperoned the soc hop at the school where they both teach—how adorable are they?!
  22. She has always emphasized the "love thy neighbor" aspect of Christianity, and lives this out every day by putting others before herself💗
  23. She is feisty and sassy and strong and not afraid to own it 💪
    She speaks her mind, and doesn't back down from an argument—but she is SMART about how she makes and delivers arguments
  24. My brother and I have always been able to tell her about anything that is going on in our lives; no matter how badly we've messed up or how greatly we've succeeded, she and Dad are the first people we call📱
  25. Her Mom, my Nana, was her confidant and best friend and role model. And now, @lynndawson is mine