I was looking for a checkbook, which of course I couldn't find, because how often does anyone actually write checks anymore? Mayyybe three times a year.
  1. Elephant phone case
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    Now on my phone
  2. All-in-one travel adapter
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  3. DC Public Library Card
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  4. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine
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    Used to love this stuff, but I dumped it because it was old and had dust on the applicator tip and tbh I can't remember the last time I used clear lipgloss.
  5. The program from one of my best friends' Dad's memorial
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    I'm not typically a hoarder, but this I will never be able to throw away.
  6. Box for my nightstand clock
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  7. UK Nokia phone
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    Dead with probably less than £1 worth of minutes left on it.
  8. Lint roller
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    Most useful item I (re)discovered
  9. Baseball glove
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    Haven't used for at least 1.5 years. Anyone up for a game of catch?
  10. Moisturizer
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    Used it and remembered why it's under my bed: kinda crappy. Dumped it.
  11. Update for @emilyannlosey My pillows
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    Ugh hate the wall color but I was super lazy/stressed when I moved in to the apt in June. The two coral patterned European shams have covers made from DVF sheets found at Bloomingdales; the little blue and orange one is a cover made from fabric from JoAnn; the little orange patterned pillow is from a little interior store outside of Philly. Hope it helps!