We have the worst traffic in the country but some of the best entertainment while sitting in it.
  1. Smoking a pipe
    AM rush hour, Rock Creek Park. That's some old-school dedication. Pretty sure he was also wearing tweed.
  2. Making out with person riding shot gun
    Afternoon, Route 66. Still debating if this counts as heavy PDA since it's technically not "public"
  3. Putting on mascara
    Stop-and-go I-95 North. Girl, you're gonna lose an eyeball when you cause a fender bender.
  4. Eating cereal
    AM rush hour, I-495 West. They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  5. Smoking a joint
    8 PM I-95 North. Dude, you are both an asshole AND an idiot.
  6. Picking their nose
    PM rush hour, George Washington Parkway.