Writing this list has made me realize I have the same interests as your grandmother, probably.
  1. Rare books
    I'd love to just spend my time traveling the world scouring old book stores for gems.
  2. Shelter dogs
    I could move to a big farm/estate so they'd have plenty of room and freedom 😍.
  3. Stationary
    Already collect this, but oh what I could do with some real 💰
  4. Champagne
    You should always have some on hand and it would be pretty badass to have a whole stash of it, so I wouldn't have to debate which bottle to drink when an occasion arises—right now choices are usually the cheap one, the slightly less cheap one, or whatever's on sale if I do have to run to the store for it.
  5. Old maps and prints
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    Like this one
  6. Copper pots
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    They're functional AND beautiful.
  7. Old typewriters
    Particularly those used by famous writers. I'd start a museum in one of the wings of my giant farm/estate home.