My boss and friend Melissa Fitzgerald is a pretty amazing woman. While she now works in the non-profit space, as an actress she's best known for playing Carol, CJ's assistant on The West Wing. She's part of a Charity Buzz auction to raise money for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Campaign:
  1. Posting about it here (with her encouragement) in case anyone knows any hard core West Wing fans with extra 💰to spare for a good cause. Here's Melissa👋and here are a list of possible topics to discuss with her over lunch:
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  2. The time her evil feral cat that everyone hated ran away, but she still insisted on searching for it.
  3. Her love of beet juice powder drinks that she tries to get me to drink
    I'm like nope 🙅
  4. Philadelphia
  5. The pranks she plays on her nephews
  6. SoulCycle
  7. What it's like to work with me, of course
  8. The time she played herself on The Good Wife last season
  9. Philanthropy
  10. What life on the campaign trail is like
  11. Why she prefers to be co-pilot on road trips
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    We are great at awkward car selfies
  12. The pains of living outside of DC without a car
    I've been encouraging her to get one for over a year and I am sooooo close...if you could maybe nudge her to choose one of the two models she's looking at that would be great, thanks.
  13. You can probably ask her about a West Wing things, too.