10/17/15 Winchester, VA. This would be more fun if these friends downloaded @list like I told them to.
  1. I'd make love to a hot pretzel right now.
  2. This beer tastes like pumpkin coffee...but not in a good way.
    Me. Note: I don't like any pumpkin coffee so this beer didn't stand a chance.
  3. Last tailgate, I got a black eye...
  4. He's wasted
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    Derek, about Carter the toddler
  5. Should I pull out the selfie stick or will that be embarrassing?
  6. Embarrassing but worth it.
  7. Be gentle with the tip
  8. You're my kinda girl
    The Grandpa at the beer tent when I told him my plan to stay warm was just to drink more.
  9. The last time I was here I scratched an old man's back and didn't remember it
  10. You can have 3 peeing in public offenses...I only have 1....
  11. I'm looking for an 8 or two 4s...
  12. It's 5:44 PM...and Michigan still sucks
    Noelle...all of us.